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MEDIC Systems-Monitoring Software


Maxant Technologies introduces a new Systems-Monitoring Software, THE MEDIC…AKA the innovative always-on-the-job software that constantly monitors everything so that you never have to worry about anything solution!


What is MEDIC?

MEDIC is your complete assurance that every single INTERSECT and MEDIPORT workstation installed in your facility, and its equipment, is performing at the absolute highest level of quality, accuracy and security…24/7.

You and the other professionals in your facility, whether they are medical personnel, IT, Security, etc., all have important responsibilities and things to do. Worrying about whether or not your workstation is functioning and performing at optimum levels shouldn’t be one of them.

With the new MEDIC software it will not be. You have the assurance of knowing that MEDIC is always on the job. Even when you’re not! You don’t need to be, MEDIC’s innovative software is forward thinking. Not only in the sense that it’s revolutionary, which it is, but also because it actually anticipates potential problems and issues before they become problems and issues, and alerts you.

As a result you have complete assurance and complete confidence that every aspect of your INTERSECT or MEDIPORT workstation is functioning at the maximum performance level.

No headaches, no surprises, no scrambling for fast or costly fixes. Complete assurance & confidence when and where you need it most. The way it ought to be.


What does MEDIC do?

  • Eliminates costly unwanted surprises and annoying inconveniences:

Monitoring and Remediation - Proactive system monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes, memory issues and end-of-life alerts.

  • Eliminates costly inventory guesswork and the headaches that come with it:

Audit and Inventory Management - MEDIC performs fast, accurate and up-to-date audits and inventory of computers. Deployable over the LAN, WAN and the internet.

  • Saves your organization time and money, and enables your human capital resources to be deployed more efficiently and more effectively:

Proactive Preventive Maintenance - MEDIC eliminates the need for manually running routine maintenance tasks. This helps improve performance and extends the life of your systems.

  • Gives the highest level of peace-of-mind security that will help make your facility more worry-free:

Antivirus - With our powerful antivirus functionality we can ensure your antivirus is always up-to-date and that scans are ran in accordance with your corporate security policies or best practices.

Antimalware - MEDIC antimalware utilizes technologies that are designed to quickly detect, destroy and prevent malware automatically.

Patch Management - MEDIC's patch management will automatically keep servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and updates.

  • Enables you to access what you want, when you want, wherever you want:

Agent-Based Technology - The intelligent, lightweight and efficient MEDIC agent technology makes every system on your network accessible, independent of their location.


How does MEDIC actually do all the things it does?

Through a sophisticated anti-virus and computer monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting software that we’ve developed.  This innovative and refreshingly easy-to-use software continuously monitors every installed INTERSECT and MEDIPORT workstation to ensure that all equipment and systems are operating at optimum performance levels at all times.

MEDIC is optional on all INTERSECTS and MEDIPORTS. 


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