MEDIPORT 3000 Series All-In-One PACS Computer Workstations



Everything you need uniquely assembled in one convenient,
easy-to-use, space-saving PACS image viewing solution…Smart!


The MEDIPORT 3000 SERIES ALL-IN-ONE MEDICAL GRADE COMPUTER is made for viewing PACS images. It is unlike anything that has probably ever been seen before. An innovative and refreshingly easy-to-use PACS workstation where absolutely everything that is needed for viewing medical images efficiently, effectively and accurately is now hosted in a single space-saving All-In-One unit. 

Available in single, dual or triple panel configurations the MEDIPORT 3000 PACS WORKSTATIONS are ideal for healthcare facilities in need of multiple monitors but have limited space.  The units come with everything needed for an easy installation - including the wall mount bracket.

The idea was inspired by the people who use our products and who we believe actually know best, our customers. And so we listened to them. We’ve built in all of the elements that are necessary, critical, and most helpful to medical professionals for viewing medical images conveniently, efficiently and accurately in any conceivable kind of environment:

  • Zero-Footprint
  • Medical Grade
  • Plug and Play Installation

And we’ve removed those things that hinder convenience and detract from efficiency, those things that just simply get in the way and are wholly unnecessary:

  • Having to move a large machine around
  • Having a machine that takes up valuable space unnecessarily

The result is something truly revolutionary and something that will completely change the game in medical image viewing:

An All-In-One integrated medical imaging color display monitor COMBINED WITH a CPU workstation solution in a standard x-ray viewer footprint.

  • Efficient & Accurate
  • Convenient & Easy-To-Use
  • Smart & Savvy
  • …And Priced To Provide A Great Value & Excellent ROI

Now this is what medical image viewing has been waiting for!


MEDIPORT 3000 SERIES ALL-IN-ONE MEDICAL GRADE COMPUTERS are innovatively designed using Enviro-Design Technology. This technology significantly minimizes the actual physical footprint of the unit, enabling a better and more effective use of limited spaces and providing more fluid workflow efficiency. These PACS workstations are Medical Grade Computers and are safe to be installed in any patient care area or surgical suite, and meet the stringent UL 60601 certification.  Images on the server from other modalities (CR, CT, DR, MRI and Ultrasound) can also be viewed on the MEDIPORT 3000 PACS WORKSTATIONS, including EMR records.

ISO_9001     ISO_13485     FDA_510k


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