Diagnostic LED Displays

  • DICOM Compliant - Integrated front ambient sensor adjusts display brightness
  • LED Backlight Panel - environmentally friendly
  • High Brightness / High Contrast
  • Color and Monochrome             

 5mp_small                   C42W_2_MAXD_42W_small

           MAXD 215M / MAXD 215MP                     MAXD 30W        

         21.3" 5MP LED Monochrome          30" 4MP Integrated Dual                                                                      Screen LED Color Display


C32SP_2_MAXD_213CP_small_rev                          G32SP__MAXD_213MP_small       

                          MAXD 213CP                       MAXD 213MP

                    21.3" 3MP LED Color       21.3" 3MP LED Monochrome

                            C22SP_150x230                           2MP_Mono_154x230

             MAXD 212C / MAXD 212CP      MAXD 212M / MAXD 212MP

                 21.3" 2MP LED Color           21.3" 2MP LED Monochrome




  • Compliant with DICOM standards and ensures accurate medical image display.
  • Strict medical certifications meet requirements in all clinical application areas.
  • Backlight stabilization system guarantees the consistency during long-term use.
  • Protection screens prevent the display from damage in harsh conditions.
  • Very easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Ergonomic design supports both portrait and landscape display.
  • Built-in multiple display mode provides the ability to view images from multiple modalities.
  • The LED backlight panel unit is ultra-light, ultra-thin and environmentally friendly.


  • Backlight Stabilization System
  • Continuous Quality Assurance System (CQAS)
  • LED Backlight
  • Professional Protective Glass





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