Imaging Accessories


Lead Blockers

Lead Blockers come with a sewn cover of navy nylon reinforced vinyl.  They are available in the following sizes:

Stock # Viewing Size
MAX LB512 5” X 12”
MAX LB610   6” X 10”
MAX LB717 7” X 17”
MAX LB8517 8.5” X 17”

Negative Preservers and Film Mailers     New Item

Negative Preservers are 32 lb Brown Kraft with an open end.

Film Mailers are Green diamond border, 11 pt Manila stock with button and string closure.

Sand Bags

Available in either 5 or 12 lb. sizes.  Covered in a hand sewn heavy duty vinyl cover all sand bags have grommets inserted for ease of storage. 

DR Panel Protectors      New Item

The most advanced DR Encasement available on the market.  Available with a grid or carbon fiber. Compatible with all cassette-sized wireless DR panels.










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