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Three Types of Protection.  One Type of Quality, Comfort & Durability…The Absolute Best!

All Maxant Lead Aprons provide maximum protection and are offered in three customized variations: Standard Lead – Tradition At Its Very Best, Lightweight Lead – All The Protection You Need …Just Not All Of The Weight, and our Pro-Earth Lead-Free material – Protection For Your Staff & Patients – Protection For Our Earth.  

All leaded and non-leaded products are tested to be equivalent to .5mmPb at 80 kVp.  Except for the dental apron that is .25mmPb protection.

Options include attached thyroid collars, embroidery, shoulder pads, back shoulder strap, drop away shoulders for OR use and more.

Maxant aprons are available in four distinct sizes (S, M, L and XL) unless otherwise noted.  These dimensions are shown on the Sizing Charts.  For an easy way to measure for the correct apron size please see the Apron Measuring Instructions on the Sizing Chart.

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